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100-year-old crocodile captured: Picture and Video

100-year-old crocodile captured: Picture. According to Coconuts, the heroic workers leaped to their colleague’s defence on Monday, throwing sacking over the croc’s eyes before shutting its huge mouth with rope.

Brave workers at a palm oil plantation in Aceh Tamiang, north Indonesia managed to capture a massive crocodile that tried to attack one of their colleagues.


Aji Prabowo, head of Aceh’s Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) told reporters: “The estuarine crocodile captured by the community has a length of about five meters and weighs an estimated 900kg. The crocodile is male and 90 years old.”

 The croc will be released in a nearby uninhabited section of forest. Check video below:
Source: Daily Sun
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