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Zulu Mkhathini: l have no beef with Dreamteam

Zulu Mkhathini

The rapper and businessman gained a lot of traction for himself outside of the group, from his relationship with Top Billing presenter Ayanda Thabethe, to him bagging presenting and MCing gigs, Zulu has managed to create a name for himself.

Zulu Mkhathini

Many fans were shocked to hear about Dash’s exit from the music group, Dreamteam, speculating that he had left on a messy note, but Dash – aka Zulu – has confirmed that he and the duo are still in good harmony.

In a recent interview on Afternoon Express, Zulu cleared the air by reflecting on the start of Dreamteam saying:


“Working with Dreamteam was one of the best years of my life, those guys were my brothers, those guys are my friends. We started off as friends way before Dreamteam, we danced together, we partied together and somewhere along the line we thought “Hey guys, we can make music together”, and when we made the mic at first, it was just for our family members, you know, our braai days, just play the music…somewhere along the line, the links went out and people started hearing the music and next thing, we’re serious”

The rapper, who has now ventured into other genres of music has confirmed that he and the duo are still good friends as they were friends before they became a music group.

“To be quite honest, I don’t regret any second, any moment, working with the gents, and even now when we talk about some of the things that we did, we’re like: ‘Yoh, did we really do that?’ Dreamteam is also more than just the three of us, we’d named it Dreamteam but it involved our family members and our friends, each of us had different talents or different career paths, but when we come together, we’re a dream team, some of us did business,”  he explained.

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