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Zodwa Wabantu ready to conquer Dubai

Today she is flying to Dubai to perform at the Kiza Tomorrow Africa event. The 32-year-oldsaid she was humbled and blessed to have received recognition from outside the country. Zodwa Wabantu is making Mzansi proud.

Although women in Dubai wear burqas, garments that cover the whole body and even their faces, Zodwa said she was going there with her short dresses.

Zodwa Wabantu

“But I do not want any surprises. “I will pack my long dresses too, just to be sure. “Everything is paid for and I will be jetting off on Tuesday,” she told Daily Sun. Asked about the dress code, Zodwa said she would have a backup plan despite not getting any rules from the organisers.

“I don’t want to make a U-turn so far away. “I will be going there as Zodwa Wabantu but will also pack Zodwa Libram’s dresses,” she said. Known for her raunchy dance moves, Zodwa said she was happy to be travelling to Dubai. “From a shisa nyama at Eyadini to Dubai – even many Mzansi musicians and actors do not get such bookings!

“I did not know that I was known in countries such as Dubai,” she said. “I am grateful to get such a big gig outside the country.” But her Dubai trip is not her only blessing. Zodwa is now set to get her own reality TV show. She told the People’s Paper although she had not finished talks with Moja Love channel, she was looking forward to closing the deal.

“I have met the channel’s management, but we have not yet signed the deal. “We are still in talks, but I am hopeful that it will kick off soon,” said Zodwa. “As soon as everything has been wrapped up, we will start shooting the show.”

Source: Daily Sun

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