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Zodwa Wabantu tells Gigi Lamayne to walk away from Mzansi haters

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu’s habit of shaking her booty and showing off some serious skin may have split female opinions across Mzansi, but she is also protective of other women in the industry. So the vosho queen used her Instagram page as a platform this week to send a message to rapper Gigi Lamayne. Zodwa had noted the haters and body shamers that sometimes go for Gigi and told the muso to just walk away from the negativity.

Gigi LaMayne

“You know how to deal with those things, Gigi. Walk away. Don’t deal with sh*t. Walk away. If you see people with an ugly attitude, walk away. If you see people with bad energy around you, walk away. She said that if she was in the same space as a hater, she should sit somewhere else. Sit there, far away from sh*t. Sit far away from sh*t,” Zodwa added. In an interview with Sho Madjozi on Power FM recently, Gigi spoke about being bullied and judged for her dark complexion.

Gigi LaMayne

Gigi said people acknowledged her talent but sometimes questioned her beauty and suggested that she could go further if she was “a few shades lighter”. The rapper claimed she was even told by another woman that she should bleach her skin to get further.

Zodwa Wabantu

Gigi has spoken before about the ugly side of the industry and how it resulted in her attempting suicide late last year. Speaking to DJ Fresh on Metro FM in April, Gigi said she had become “tired” of competing with others and being judged for her complexion, among other things.

Zodwa Wabantu

“I’d just had enough. I’d had enough of the industry. I’d had enough of constantly competing or being put up against people. I’d had enough of trying to be perfect all the time. It was just like either she is gaining weight, or she’s losing weight, or she’s too dark. There was too many expectations.

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