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Zahara speaks out on her love relationship with a Pastor

Zahara speaks out on her love relationship with a Pastor! The singer has no time for haters on social media – she’s happily in love and rumour has it there may be wedding bells soon!

She has finally gotten the perfect man for herself, Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana who is determined not to open her thighs for him until after the ceremony is happy on becoming a preacher’s wife and wedding bells could be ringing soon.

When life throws lemons your way, you just squeeze the juice and make lemonade, the battle-hardened Loliwe singer is enjoying every moment of the journey shrugging haters off while having the best time for her life.

Zahara went through a series of setbacks in 2019, but she always dusted herself from the fall and kept walking, now the singer is now strongly believing in herself, motivating her followers to embrace who they are, while not losing her taste for fashion.


She was once mocked for loving her beer more than anything else to the extent of losing the Qwabe twins and when she was recently heard singing along to his gqom track in discord, social media went hay-wire as many thought alcohol was taking a toll on her again.

She was sober and just having fun, Zahara told Drum magazine.

Interestingly, that very day Zahara had just performed for a 30 000-strong crowd at a stadium in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, where she did not disappoint. When she was invited on stage to sing along to Shaya, she just jumped in out of fun and the idea that singing off-key would land her in trouble never crossed her mind.

Known for her ability to manage even the most tricky situation all she could say was: “I am young and I also like to have fun with my peers.” She even laughed it off when Mshayi sarcastically grabbed the microphone back from her.

The Afro-pop singer who was baptized by fire has since developed a thick skin opting to live her life to its fullest, happily doing so with a smile on her face knowing that there is someone ready to love her the way she is, whether she sings discord or not.

Zahara is no longer taking haters seriously.

“There’s a new man in my life and we are in a beautiful courtship,” she said.

She has come to understand that being a celebrity comes with its own pressures, as people always have their own expectations, watching each and every move one makes ready to pounce when they put the wrong foot forward.

Zahara still believes in being happy and enjoying one’s life; “Even though I don’t drink anymore, it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun.”

Despite being a new person now, who has declined to let her past determine her future, glad tidings have been coming her way, she has been striking good deals, but her personal life is always the talk of town.

“We travel across the world and we spend most of our time in hotels so this time I just decided to have fun. There was nothing wrong with what I did. I will go out if I want to go out and have fun. If anyone has a problem, then it is theirs to deal with,” said Zahara, who is happy to have a man who accepts her the way she is.

Talking about her love life and romance, Zahara is above the clouds, happy to be having a caring and loving man, who is not worried about anything else and not even when she presses her thighs so tight until after the wedding bells.

Zahara said her life was too busy for s.e.x.

Once asked if she was truly doing away with anything to do with s.e.x until after the wedding, she said: “I haven’t had s.e.x since I broke up with my ex. S.e.x is the last thing on my mind. I think, yes, I’m now saving myself for marriage.”

Her stance on intimacy has not changed, in a recent interview with Drum magazine, Zahara maintained her position. “There is no kissing or anything like that. It has been 10 months since I was last intimate with a man – and I am loving it,” she told the magazine.

As if out of the experience when the break up with her previous boyfriend made headlines that almost threatened to derail all her plans, Zahara is playing her cards close to her chest, not giving out much information regarding her current relationship.

A source close to the goings-on said the singer is keeping a low profile when it comes to critical details regarding the relationship.

“She won’t even reveal the ring; she says the details will come at a later stage. For now, the pastor has sent a letter to her family informing them of his intentions and asking them for permission to start lobola negotiations. Once her family positively responds, then he will send a delegation to get the process going but the wheels are already in motion,” said the source.

Some of her previous relationships which failed to last the distance, include the one with Amaza Ntshanga, in 2016 and second with Umhlobo Wenene radio presenter whom she described as. “He simply couldn’t love me the way I wanted because he was not right for me,” Zahara told TimesLive at the time.

Then came Siphesihle “Ian” Sibiya, a Mpumalanga motivational speaker and part-time actor, this did not workout too. She had another relationship which she described as ‘dating a fan and not a lover.’

However, this time around Zahara seems to have gotten Mr Right and as things stand at least for now, it is only a matter of time before the invitation cards are printed and sent, once the certain modalities are put in place.


“She doesn’t want to talk about the details because she first wants to see if her parents are happy with this man, and if they are and they give their blessing then the wedding will go ahead,” the insider said.

Her mother Nokhaya, and dad Mlamli believed to be taking their time to deliberate on the marriage proposal, but Zahara’s sister, Nomonde, can’t hold her happiness at the thought of her baby sister finally getting married.

“Oh, it would be a blessing, my sister,” Nomonde said adding that despite putting it under wraps, Zahara is very excited and that it is going to be wonderful.

Music is a family thing. Her sisters – Nomonde, Lumka, and Bandezwa Mkutukana – released a gospel album under Zahara’s record label in 2016 and, Zahara says, they get their love of music from Nokhaya.

“My mother is a great singer. She and I are in sync – we don’t even need to rehearse because music is what we do,” she says. “I am very excited,” said Zahara.

She has had her fair share of disappointments, with a number of other possible suitors having been shown the back. Unless something undesirable happens, this time around Zahara seems to be totally off the market now.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t an easy road for her to be here, there was a time when she was bankrupt and bullied for everything, from boozing to her looks.

In a turn of fate, she is now smiling all the way to the bank, apart from her recently found love, she became the first South African musician to sign a concert residency deal with Emperors Palace hotel.

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