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YouTube adds new data saving controls for mobile app

YouTube is rolling out new video quality controls to its mobile app, which can help to automatically balance data consumption and video quality on a user’s connection. According to a report from 9to5Google, the changes were implemented in a recent server-side update.

Currently, users of the Android and iOS apps are able to manually choose in which video resolution they want their video to stream – from 144p up to 4K.

Additionally, they can opt to let YouTube automatically determine the best streaming resolution based on the quality of their Internet connection. Going forward, users will be offered four main options – Data Saver, Higher Quality, Auto, or Advanced.

The first two options will all adapt quality up to a certain threshold based on the user’s connection speed, while Auto will remain the same.

According to tests performed by 9to5Google, Data Saver prioritises lower data usage and tops out at 480p while Higher Quality aims for better resolution but is capped at 720p.

The Advanced setting will allow you to continue to define the exact resolution you want. In addition, users will be able to choose which of the settings to default to based on whether they are connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

This will be useful for those who have a fast, uncapped home Internet connection but limited mobile data on their cellular package. The setting can be adjusted in the Video Quality Preferences section of the app’s Settings page.

At the time of writing, the latest settings did not appear to be available on version 16.15.36 of the Android app running on one of our Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones.

However, this may be a different case for other users as the change is being rolled out on the server-side, and not with an app update.

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