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Boity Thulo sends a strong warning to SA men: You do not own our bodies

Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo has had enough of the injustices imposed on women in South Africa, blaming all men for their mentality towards the opposite gender. Tshegofatso was found hanging from a tree in an open veld in Durban Deep, Roodepoort, on Monday, after going missing last week. She was eight months pregnant. Angered at the increasing cases of femicide in SA, Boity took to Twitter and demanded that men stop killing women.

Boity Thulo

In a tweet addressed to all men, Boity reminded them that they do not own any woman’s body and are not superior to females. Boity also explained how no woman owed any man her life, and asked men to listen when a woman says no.

Boity Thulo
A number of her followers clapped back at her for generalizing, with some claiming that she did not need to blame all men as some of them are decent. One follower questioned her on why she chooses not to empower men rather than tear them down, to which she responded with, “Here’s some words of empowerment: YOU. ARE. TRASH. Bottom of the barrel! Feeling better?”.

The media star was clearly fuming following the responses from her male followers, although she was clear on the fact that she did not feel sorry for her words.

She concluded with, “Men. So typical. Up in arms and swearing at me because I called y’all trash. But barely flinching a muscle about the DAILY killings of women. *yawn* Bore me more.”

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