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Yikes! Newborn baby born clutching mom’s failed contraceptive

A woman gave birth to a little boy after her intrauterine device (IUD) failed. The little boy, who was born at Hai Phong International Hospital in northern Vietnam, came out holding onto his mom’s contraceptive device.

Obstetrician Tran Viet Phuong said the device came out when the baby was born and a picture was taken with the infant firmly holding it in his hand, The Sun reports.

“After delivery I thought him holding the device was interesting so I took a picture,” Dr Phuong said.

“I never thought it would receive so much attention.”

The baby’s 34-year-old mother, who’s remained anonymous, said she had the device inserted two years earlier, the Herald Sun reports.

But, it clearly didn’t work as it should have as she later found out she was expecting.



Dr Phuong explained the device may have become ineffective after moving from its original position.

The little boy, who weighs a healthy 3,2kg, is baby No 3 for the mom.

Both mother and baby are doing well.

What’s an intrauterine device (IUD) ?
It’s a form of contraception considered both safe and effective for most women.

The device is “T”-shaped and a little bigger than a coin. An IUD must be inserted into the uterus by a medical professional and prevents pregnancy by blocking sperm from reaching and fertilising eggs.

If used correctly, the chance of getting pregnant is less than 1%, according to Web MD.


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