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Kylie Jenner is hiring a £200 million Yacht for her Birthday

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner will be spending her 22nd birthday on 10 August aboard a luxury yacht worth £200 million. Now we never expect the beauty mogul and reality star to do anything by halves, but even by her standards, this seems ridiculous. TMZ has reported that Kylie plans on celebrating her big day (when you’re a Kardashian-Jenner, there’s no such thing as a small birthday) on the Tranquility with her nearest and dearest. The yacht clocks in at a ludicrous 92 metres in length – the same length as a football pitch – and includes a theatre, sauna, swimming pool and beauty salon. Oh, and a helipad. Obvs. Hiring the boat costs an eye-watering £1 million a week to rent.

But don’t worry, that’s pennies to Kylie, who was earlier this year declared the world’s youngest self-made billionaire (a title many critics have argued against.) With 10 cabins, the ship can accommodate 22 guests, meaning that we can be sure to see Kylie’s friends and family turning up to soak up the sun and party on the sea. While no exact plan is currently known, Kylie and co. are expected to travel around the Mediterranean with 29 crew members in mid-August.

Kylie Jenner

And knowing the Kardashian family, we’re sure to see plenty of the trip on Instagram, allowing us all to get a glimpse into the life of a billionaire as we eat our cornflakes before work. As well as her sisters, Kylie is sure to bring boyfriend Travis Scott, daughter Stormi and new best friend Sofia Richie along with her to celebrate her big day. Sofia and Kylie have grown extremely close in recent months, with Kylie revealing that Scott Disick’s girlfriend has given her ‘nothing but support’ following the Jordyn Woods drama. A source told People: ‘Sofia seems like a very loyal friend to Kylie and Kylie appreciates that.

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Source: Metro


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