Home World News Man chops off toes of elderly woman with albinism

Man chops off toes of elderly woman with albinism

Woman kills grandson

A man wielding an axe has attacked a 92-year-old woman with albinism in Malawi, chopping off two of her toes, local media reported.

Online news site Malawi24 said the man assaulted Tafwauli Ngoma at her home in Mzimba on Saturday, after coming in to ask for a lighter for his cigarette.

“He suddenly produced an axe, grabbed the woman and hacked off her big right toe and small left toe before fleeing, leaving her in a pool of blood,” Malawi 24 quoted a police official as saying.

The woman was taken to hospital for treatment.

Government spokesman Mark Botomani said the attack could be part of a campaign of calculated violence targeted at people with albinism ahead of a fresh presidential election ordered by the Constitutional Court.

“Government would like to warn all politicians and political party supporters against attacking people with albinism to create a sense of insecurity for political reasons,” he told the news outlet.

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Source: African News Agency/ANA


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