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Woman who says she’s never cut her hair because it makes her irresistible to men

Rapunzel 4

Full-time computing student, Malgorzata Kulczyk (34) who lives in London, UK, has blazing blonde locks which stretch over five foot and two inches in length as she’s never had a haircut in her lifetime.

The real-life Rapunzel started to braid her hair at age seven and last trimmed it over five years ago. Impressively, it is now longer than she is tall.

She never planned to grow her hair to lofty lengths, but her sister and pals have said her hair was so well-kept that there was no reason for a cut following her last few strands of hair being trimmed. The natural blonde applies her own serum of a mixture of oils to her hair for half-an-hour before a shower.

“Men can’t believe it is real. They say it is ‘beautiful, impressive and feminine’. Some even fall in love with me because of it,” Malgorzata says. “People can be jealous. There was one situation when a colleague kept telling me my hair was too long and that I should cut it.”

She says she thought it must be painful for me and that I probably spent so much time on it. “But after a while she changed her mind completely and has even started to try to grow her own hair out.

“I would say to anyone wanting to grow their hair long that patience is the most important thing. “In order to keep your hair in good condition, you need to take care of your body and eat healthy.

“Other things I’d recommend would be to keep hydrated, exercise and avoid stress. Nettle tea is especially very good for hair growth.”

Malgorzata, who is originally from Szczecin, Poland, began sharing her elongated locks on Instagram in June 2016. “My hair doesn’t affect my daily life much. In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach and the mountains, where the sun is my natural hair brightener,” Malgorzata adds. “I wash my hair up to three times a week and wear it as a different style a day ponytail, braid, or bun. I use only natural products, including anything mixed with coconut oil, which is my favourite.”

You can follow the real-life Disney princess on Instagram, where she has over 10,000 followers.