Water Sports That Should Be In Your Bucket List This 2020

Water sports tend to be a popular target when it comes to bucket lists. This is probably because they involve travelling to amazing locations, and challenging our own comfort levels. Even if you already have a water sport on your bucket list in 2020, there are definitely some others you should include if you are trying to create long-lasting memories. 

Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving requires a little more work than the average water sport, but the rewards you’ll reap can be more satisfying. Generally, you will need to complete an assortment of training classes prior to scuba diving to a certain depth. Safety is a big concern when you’re dealing with water pressure and watching your oxygen levels. However, if you are looking for an excuse to travel the world and explore colourful coral reefs scuba diving is something you need to add to your list. 

Some of the world’s most exotic creatures can only be seen in person by scuba diving, along with some of the best scenery. In fact, scuba divers often have their own bucket lists which are just dedicated to locations around the world they’d like to go diving. It’s definitely a more expensive sport, but if you’re looking to challenge yourself scuba diving is the optimal activity. 


I don’t think you could write an article about water sports that need to be on your bucket list without including surfing. Surfing, as with any other board sport like skateboarding or snowboarding, has a huge learning curve. Although once you have a bit of practice under your belt, there’s no more phenomenal feeling than challenging the sea and overcoming that challenge. Along with scuba diving, surfing is a great excuse to go absolutely anywhere near the ocean just to catch a wave. There are even surfing communities in the UK where surfers take advantage of the open water.

Surfing’s popularity might largely stem from the fact that it’s one of the less expensive water sports. The surfing professionals at as well as numerous other surfing advocates don’t feel that surfing gears need to be expensive. Many people who get heavily involved with the sport do tend to spend more money eventually. But this is from a love of the sport, rather than expending resources on the “must-haves” that come with more expensive watersports. 

Jet Skiing 

Even though it’s a little bit less intense than having 100 feet of ocean above you, jet skiing is an awesome activity. It is difficult to partake in the activity and not be absolutely overjoyed. Jet skiing is great because you don’t necessarily need the locale of a large body of water and it can be performed on most lakes. The most attractive part of jet skiing is the fact that it’s simply just fun, and you definitely need to check this off your bucket list immediately. You don’t even necessarily have to purchase one, there’s plenty of rental services in many areas that you can take advantage of. 


Only for the bravest of the brave, parasailing is a great item to check off your bucket list if you’re looking to tackle your fear of heights. Strap yourself to a boat and throw a parachute on and prepare for the ride of your life. Although Jurassic Park III might have ruined this experience for many people, I don’t think you’ll need to worry about dinosaurs attacking your boat’s captain. There’s no doubt you’ll feel accomplished after putting yourself through this challenge and coming out safe and sound. 


If you and heights are not best friends you can always look into another equally challenging sport and that’s waterskiing. While this might have its own “fail” section on media sites like Youtube, there is no doubt it’s a brilliant experience to have. If the waves are right, you’ll be able to catch some air, and with an adventurous driver at the helm of the boat, you’re sure to have some fun. Just make sure you hang on and don’t let go. 


There you have it, a list of water sports so great you shouldn’t go through 2020 without at least doing one of them (or several). Even if just thinking about some of these start getting your heart racing, that’s what a bucket list is all about! The list of water sports is lengthy and if any of these don’t appeal to you check out other sports like waterboarding. No matter which one you settle on, you will have a worthwhile item to check off of that 2020 bucket list. 

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