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Watch: Khanyi Mbau tells all about her first encounters with sugar daddy Mandla Mthembu #KhanyiMbau

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau is such an incredible story teller. Never been one to shy away from the things she has done in the past to get her to where she is today. Ofcourse the woman has to keep reminding us that she invented the whole “blesser-blessee” culture.

Khanyi Mbau has always been very honest about her life, and its amazing how she was judged so harshly for living her truth back then but we can all see that she is very content with that chapter of her life.

The way she tells her story is like getting some real good gossip from your bestie.


“You can imagine this girl from Soweto who is slightly famous, I’m from a good family but i’m the lie i was seeing at his house is what i saw from R Kelly or what i saw from the movies. When we were eating he was playing good music. I was like take my soul where do i sign. He takes me to the balcony and he said what do you think about this place, I said this is amazing. Then he said, this is how i felt when i first saw you. He then told me its late i will take you home. He drove his Porsche and left me at home and called me to say goodnight. The following morning i was at his house to say take me…and we had it on that day.”

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