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Gautrain warns of possible delays due to upcoming strike action

The Gautrain issued an alert over the weekend letting commuters know that trains on the North-South and East-West lines would only be available every 30 minutes on Monday, 5 October 2020.

This is due to strike action that is expected to commence on Monday morning after Gautrain’s wage negotiations with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) reached a deadlock.

This after Numsa’s demand for a 26% increase was met with an offer of a 4.1% increase by Gautrain.

“The morning peak is between 5h30 and 9h00 and the afternoon peak is between 15h00 and 19h00. All trains will be 8-car trains”

Gautrain added that it would share details regarding services for the off-peak hours on Monday.

“The bus and midi service will not be affected and will operate to schedule.”

According to a statement issued by Numsa, the union “has done all it can to find an amicable resolution to the wage dispute. We have been negotiating with the BOC since March 2020, and the engagements were temporarily suspended during the hard lockdown.”

The negotiations resumed in June and Numsa has accused Bombela of displaying “absolute disdain and arrogance towards Numsa.”

“Whilst still negotiating, the BOC abruptly cut wage negotiation short and declared a dispute against the union with the aim of locking out our members. The CCMA issued a non-resolution certificate allowing union members to go on strike.”

Although the certificate was issued towards the end of August, Numsa said it continued negotiations with Bombela in an effort to resolve the impasse.

“To make matters worse, the BOC management issued an ultimatum that they will impose the 4% unnegotiated wage increase on our member effective 1 October 2020and this is what has sparked the strike.”

Contrary to the Gautrain’s statement, however, Numsa claims to have proposed an 8% increase to Bombela management.

Numsa added that they are open to engagement.

-The Citizen

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