Valdo launches clothing line and the merchandise is selling like hot cakes

Child singing sensation Valdo has launched his very own kids clothing line and parents cannot wait to get their hands on the merchandise.

The internet sensation has partnered with an online clothing store, Cava Apparel to sell his merchandise from. His branded T-Shirts and Hoodies range between R299 and R359.

The young entertainer is set to kick off his entrepreneurial journey right now and is doing very well. The support he has been receiving from the internet is insane, as his father Lindough shared the great news that his merchandise is selling like hot cakes.

Of course the internet always comes with some sort of negativity, a handful of tweeps complained about the pricing saying not every parent will be able to afford his clothes for their children.

Valdo has been trending ever since and may applaud Lindough’s parenting and setting a good example.

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