Home Entertainment Twitter shook by Ntombikayise’s four potential fathers #utatakho

Twitter shook by Ntombikayise’s four potential fathers #utatakho

Last night’s episode of reality TV show Utatakho left Twitter shook after Ntombi’s search for her father revealed some secrets from her mother’s past.

The relationship-themed show introduced viewers to Ntombikayise, who was searching for her real father, after her mother let it slip that she was using the wrong surname.


Although Ntombi’s mother refused to appear on the show, it was revealed that there were four men that could possibly be her biological father.



Three out of the four men revealed that they had no knowledge of Ntombi, but said that if they had known about her, they would have never abandoned her.

Ntombi finally found her father who welcomed her with open arms.

However, Twitter was still stuck on her mom revealing that there were “four” potential fathers: