Tyga and new girlfriend

Rapper Tyga has undeniably got game … and you don’t have to go further than this picture for proof. Kylie Jenner‘s ex was leaving Delilah restaurant in WeHo Saturday night in a fire engine red Ferrari and a beautiful woman riding shotgun. Is it just us or does she resemble Kylie in a big way?

Several people at Delilah say Kylie was also there, but we there is no evidence of that, TMZ reported. The 2 were seen together at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip last month, fueling rumours they were getting back together. They were also in Vegas together at the end of Summer. Hard to know … but based on the photo it sure looks like Tyga’s moved on.

Tyga and Kylie
Tyga and Kylie Jenner

Looking at the above picture, you gotta agree that Tyga seems to like the same kind of woman… I am sure that is his type.

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