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Petronella thinks Twitter is a TV show: MEMES #TheQueenMzansi

Petronella the queen

Can someone turn Mzansi into a monarchy and crown Petronella the queen? Her jokes and side comments on drama series The Queen have left us gasping for air with laughter, and she had us in tears again on Monday when she asked if Twitter was a TV show.

Petronella must think we are still in the days of Mxit but she can be forgiven for her question, especially when she has so much other drama to deal with.

Petronella the queen

In a conversation during the show, Petronella commented that the police minister was on Twitter (she obvs missed the reshuffle) and asked what Twitter was about.


Petronella the queen

Twitter was done with her and immediately called for its own reshuffle to discipline and educate her.



But Petronella also has a caring side, which she showed when comforting Vee (Zandile Msutwana) on the show. Vee had previously been part of a love triangle involving herself, Jerry (Shona Ferguson) and his son Bakang (Thato Molamu) that blew up when Jerry discovered his missus slept with his son.

Twitter celebrated Petronella and declared her the bestie we all wish we had.

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