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Twitter blames Ntsiki Mazwai for encouraging violence which has rocked South Africa

Ntsiki Mazwai has been blamed for inciting violence which has rocked South Africa over the last few days. The poet and activist who always voices out her issues when it comes to injustices, has been alleged to be part of the few elites who encouraged people to take to the streets and demand for Jacob Zuma’s release from jail.

Ntsiki in an open letter and petition penned down why she feels the former president should be released from prison. This was because she feels that his arrest lead to the chaos which ensued in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. The same black people who are looting shops are according to Ntsiki products of the unjust system. She feels the constitution does not favour poor black people hence their cry for help.

Ntsiki Mazwai

“It has been barely a week of former president Jacob Zuma’s incarceration and we ourselves have been locked into a prison cell of violence.”

Ntsiki Mazwai

She adds that black people do not have a say in their lives anymore, “What is transpiring before us is that we as black people are actually in the same position we were before 1994. We have no voice or say in what happens in our lives. It is written down for us in the constitution. Written down by whom? Why are we said to have the best constitution in the world (by white people) when we black people live in a state of poverty?”

Ntsiki says this open letter does not indicate that she stands behind Jacob Zuma or supports him. “I am far from being a Zuma fan, infact I’m an Anti Zuma and will forever stand with Fezekile ‘Khwezi’ Kuzwayo. If anything, I think all of this is part of his karma.

“However, I’m also aware that if Zuma can get arrested by the system without trial, what is stopping the system from arresting other voices and people who stand against it? It got me wondering, who is this system? Who does it serve?”

Her letter together with the petition lead many to believe that she was condoning and incited violence and looting in the provinces.

A few tweeps have blamed Ntsiki and a few other politicians as well as Ngizwe Mchunu for the turmoil which has rocked the country. One of the tweets accusing Ntsiki read, “Ali Naka is a Zimbabwean working with the Zuma Faction and Sentletse and Ntsiki Mazwai. Ali has been pushing for people to loot and destroy property because he wants to see South Africa in a state of lawless and they want a coup.”

Defending herself Ntsiki said she had taken a social media break for 2 days so it would not be possible for her to incite the violence. She also says her tweets were misunderstood. “Guys pls come see this white man who says I started the looting. I came back to Twitter 2days ago mind you. So in spirit I was tweeting and inciting.”

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