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Tutwa Ngulube offers to Pay for HH’s Air Time to Clear his name

Tutwa Ngulube offers to Pay for HH’s Air Time to Clear his name

Deputy Chief Whip Hon Tutwa Ngulube says UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has a duty to explain his role in the Privatisation of national assets.

Hon Ngulube says Mr. Hichilema has for years been calling on others to account for their actions and that it should not be difficult for him to do the same.

He says if Mr. Hichilema does not account for his actions, Zambians will have no choice but to take what Forum for Democracy and Development -FDD- leader Hon Edith Nawakwi said as the truth.

Hon Ngulube says anyone who seeks public office should be ready to account for their sources of wealth.

Ngulube who is also Kabwe Central lawmaker says he is willing to pay for Mr Hichilema’s TV and Radio appearances to clear his name on privatisation. Tutwa Ngulube offers to Pay for HH’s Air Time to Clear his name

He said accusing the Police of trying to arrest him is one tactic the opposition leader is trying to use to avoid responding to questions that have been asked by the former Finance Minister regarding his role in the privatisation of national assets.

Meanwhile, Chief Mibenge of Samfya District says there is nothing wrong with asking Mr. Hichilema to explain his role in the privatisation process.

The Traditional Leader says those who do not want to be questioned by Citizens should not aspire for public office.

He told ZNBC that the questions which have been raised by Ms. Nawakwi regarding the privatization.

Meanwhile, National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridha SUMAILI says those entrusted to handle national assets must be accountable.

Revered SUMAILI says leaders should be honest and transparent in handling national assets because they belong to the Zambian people.

Speaking to ZNBC News in an interview Rev SUMAILI says leaders across all sectors must strive to be truthful so that the country is not dupped out of its own resources.
And Rev SUMAILI also says there is need to respect women regardless of the discourse.

She says women should not be insulted but must be respected as per norm in the Zambian culture.

Rev. SUMAILI says when one has issues to iron out with women they should talk to them in a respectable manner.

Source: Lusaka Times