The man who was allegedly racially abused outside the Gordon’s Bay Spur has been admitted to hospital for more than a week, saying the event caused him psychological damage.

Xolani Loliwe

Xolani Loliwe, 28, said he was traumatised and did not feel safe any more.

Loliwe has lodged a counter-complaint with the Gordon’s Bay police against the 60-year-old man implicated in the fracas over a parking space two weeks ago.

He also laid a complaint against the Spur restaurant manager, who Loliwe claims denied him entry into the restaurant following the fight in the parking lot, after he approached the manager for assistance.

Loliwe told the Cape Times he was receiving psychological treatment in hospital.

He said he was disturbed by the fact that the man he says abused him had laid a complaint with the police despite his not having given the man his personal details.

“After that I began feeling unsafe and feared that somehow this man was following me, or when cars drove past me I felt unease,” Loliwe said.


“Before I came to hospital I fainted and soiled myself, and I knew I had to get help.”

The owner of the Gordon’s Bay Spur has repeatedly declined to comment.