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Transport minister Fikile Mbalula updates Parliament on Prasa progress

Fikile Mbalula

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula has faced some tough questions in Parliament about the appointment of Prasa’s administrator. The portfolio committee meeting looking at Prasa was overshadowed by the absence of Bongisizwe Mpondo. His appointment has been questioned by MPs.

They’ve been raising concerns about his previous affiliation with another struggling state-owned entity. Mbalula says due process was followed in Mpondo’s appointment. It is something that had to be done it is something that is done within the prescripts of the law,” he said.

Fikile Mbalula

Meanwhile, civil society group #UniteBehind is challenging Mpondo’s appointment in court. Earlier this month, it filed court papers citing the appointment of Mpondo as unlawful. #UniteBehind claims it contravened the Legal Succession to the SA Transport Services Act and the Public Finance Management Act.

In other news – Musa Mseleku hits back at Mnakwethu criticism: SA isn’t open-minded

The host of Mnakwethu, Musa Mseleku, was caught in the crossfire earlier this week when viewers of the polygamy-themed TV show claimed it encouraged “trashy” male behaviour, so he’s come out to set the record straight. Since the first episode, viewers have voiced their disapproval at the fact that the polygamy processes followed by men on the show are not necessarily a proper reflection of the age-old tradition.

Musa Mseleku

Musa said all the backlash is doing is exposing the “fact” that South Africans aren’t as open-minded as they would like to believe – and that they are “too westernised”. I’m glad that people are talking about this, even though I feel that their anger only exposes the kind of society we live in. South Africans are not as open-minded as they pretend to be when it comes to culture, because they are too westernised. Read more

Source: eNCA


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