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In Pics: Thuso Mbedu’s new hairstyle is goals

In Pics: Thuso Mbedu’s new hairstyle is goals. The star who admitted in an interview recently that now bagging gigs for is becoming a little difficult due to her success at a younger age is living her life to the fullest. We like the attitude she has towards life. She doesn’t care about all the negative things in life but instead focuses on the positive side. This is a lesson most of us need to learn from her.

She is looking forward to her debut on one of the most watched soapies in Mzansi Generations: The Legacy and we can’t wait to see her too. She has a new hairstyle that she is rocking and when we saw it we just knew she is serving hair goals. The new style which resembles natural afro hair is looking wonderful on her head.

The pictures she posted o her Instagram are the ones that really took our breath away. Check them below and l know you will like the new style…

Thuso Mbedu

Last frame 😊🙃


Thuso Mbedu

You are just a kid, where are you getting the power of becoming such a goddess.


Thuso Mbedu

That look though…


Thuso Mbedu

Everytime l see this smile my heart melts away…


Thuso Mbedu

Look at Makgotso M


Thuso Mbedu

Like the hairstyle, you rocking mama…

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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