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Thobile Mseleku hairstyles for every occasion: Pictures

It’s winter in Mzansi and we are wearing layers of clothing to keep warm. Meanwhile, Thobile Mseleku is changing hairstyles like there’s no tomorrow.

Thobile Mseleku hairstyles

This week, she posted snaps of different dos that will make you want to hibernate. While we are still deciding which hairstyle is cheaper to cover up our chiskop, moghel is doing  the most with her hairdos. She is a fashionista of note.


Her dress sense is exquisite. From traditional attires to modern clothes, she is a force to be reckoned with. She also spoils her fans with various looks on her social media platforms.

As a married woman, she understands that the concept of compromising and sacrificing is normal for the sake of building her family.

Thobile Makhumalo

Ma Khumalo has a way of putting her interest on hold for the sake of her family. That has won her many fans over time.

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Abegayle (26) and Ethan ( 29) met 8 years ago by pure coincidence, Abegayle was walking home from a friends place when Ethan spotted her. He drove past her place and stopped to sweet talk her. He asked for her number, and he insisted on calling her on the spot to make sure it was correct number.


The two started chatting on Mxit casually, the first time they would talk over the phone would be when the sparks would fly. The couple spoke on the phone for over 3 hours. “It was the longest conversation, we spoke like we knew each other. It was the best and I think that started the real fire.” Abegayle recalls…Read more here