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There is a new NO pantie Queen in town, Zodwa Wabantu and Skolopad Silenced!

Zodwa has done it and Skolopad has done it – and they are both the talk of town.And now another “artist” has joined the panty dropping craze!

A video of TDK Macasette performing one of her singles, titled dlala nge figure, has since done the rounds.

Thandeka Mkwananzi

It shows the musician wearing a short dress – and nothing underneath.


Fans at the restaurant seemed to love what they saw as loud screaming can be heard in the background.

Patrons at a Durban restaurant got more than an eyeful on Saturday when Thandeka Mkhwanazi – aka TDK Macasette – took to the stage and flashed her p#nani. It seems nud!ty has now become the fashion and if you want people to talk about you, you simply drop your undies.

When contacted, TDK told our source that she loves what she’s doing. “I am an artist and I like showcasing my talent.

“Whether there are panties or not, the fun goes on!”

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