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Mzansi react as Duduzani Zuma visit The Zulu King – Pictures

As s sign of respect for The Royal House hold, visitors must take of their shoes when going to meet with The Zulu King.

Pictures Of Duduzani Zuma with the King have been seculating through out social media, with many people asking why did Duduzani Zuma take Off his shoes.zulu king1

As Explained Before Its A sign Of Respect to The Royal House Hold Not only The Zulu King, this Is Actually A Tradition still Being Done In Royal Areas Of KwaZulu-Natal, People Never Enter Ones home With Shoes.

Unless given The Say So By The House Hold Owners, for Duduzani Zuma Being The Child of Former President Jacob Zuma, he Knlws This Tradition very Well As His Father Is Also Of Royalty.zulu0

The Pictures where Really being Made To Seculate Social Media by Those did Not Understand as To Why Duduzani’s Shoes where off, but With Any Thought You Could Tell Why His Shoes Where Off In A Picture With The KING.

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