The Thrilling History of La Liga

For those who love football, La Liga is something they keep looking forward to as a storehouse of tension, excitement and immense joy. La Liga Predictions are very common amidst football fans all over the world for Spain has some of the world’s best clubs like Barcelona FC or Real Madrid which used to have the world’s best football players. So, the hype is just extremely justified. However, most of us do not know about the history and formation of this popular Spanish League which is equally exciting. So, here’s a small sneak-peek at it.

The first football league that was ever held in Spain was called the Catalan football championship. It started functioning in 1901. However, after the La-liga was established, the Catalan football championship co-existed with it in the national league for quite a few years. Finally, it was called off in 1940. Though Catalan football championship was the first SPanish football league, the first national football league ever in Spain was La Liga. It was established in 1929. The first season of the league lasted from February, 1929 to June of the same year. At that point of time, it had only one division. This was called the Primera Division. It consisted of ten Spanish football clubs. The number of clubs, however, would see a steady increase over the years. However, the number of clubs became 20 during 1987. This has stayed fixed except for a brief period. In this brief period which lasted from 1995 to 1997, the league functioned with 22 clubs.

The second division was also formed in 1929. Following this in 1977, another division came up. This was called the Segunda Division B. It was basically established to replace Tercera Division from being the third tier. So, since then, Tercera Division has been at the fourth tier. Now, whatever is below the fourth tier is not considered at a national scale. So, there, national football is played with regional divisions.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are not just the most popular and capable Spanish clubs today but they have always been so right from the start. From the very first season in 1929 to the current ones, they have both won 60 out of the total 89 trophies. Real Madrid tops the list by earning 34 titles, followed by Barcelona which won 26 titles. Right after them is Atletico Bilbao with a total of 10 La-liga titles. There are quite a number of clubs that have participated in the Primera Division for more than 50 times. However, as expected, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid have qualified all the 89 ones. A few others in the list include Valencia, Espanyol, and Atletico Madrid. So, in between the first and last league, the top division of La-liga has seen the participation of 62 teams.

The average capacity of the league is 36,104 with Barcelona’s Camp Nou having the highest capacity of 100,000 seats.

So, stay tuned and watch the La Liga and let us know if your predictions turned out right or not! 

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