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The Right Swing Golf Basics for Beginners

The Swing Fundamentals

The golf swing sequence consists of body movements that can help you to hit an excellent shot. The movements can appear complicated to other people, but this isn’t necessarily the case. With the right information, you can perfectly manoeuvre the golf swing sequence. First of all, you need to get the right source of information so that you can understand the basics of golf swinging before you put them into practice. All the same, you must take your time and understand that practice makes perfect. 

The right swing golf basics for amateurs consist of seven different steps that are easy to follow. You will realize that some wings are more important than the others, but the matter is that you should try to master all of them so that you can become a star in playing golf. The following is the proper golf swing sequence:

  • Address: Still or motionless position.
  • Takeaway: The movement of big muscles as you prepare to hit the ball.
  • Top of the backswing: The last part of the backswing.
  • Transition: When the hands and club move toward the ball.
  • Downsizing: When you are getting ready to hit the ball.
  • Impact position: Probably the most important point in the golf swing, which determines the kind of shot that you will hit.
  • Follow-through and finish: How your body follows the ball after the impact.

You need to work on each of these steps in the golf swing sequence to perfect your shot

Nailing the Takeaway

When the player begins the backswing, they set the swing in motion and these moments are crucial since they determine the success or failure of a golf shot. A swing with a poor start is likely to end poorly, so players need to understand this fundamental step.

There are mainly two types of takeaways, namely one-piece takeaway and the right arm takeaway. If you’re trying to decide on the technique to use, this article focuses on the right swing basics that you should understand as a beginner.  

The Right Swing Takeaway

Essentially, you should focus on what you are doing at a particular moment since it influences your swing. The right arm takeaway can also be called the back-arm takeaway in case of other players who use the left hand. The concept remains the same and it applies to all beginners who use both left and right arms

With the right arm takeaway, it is only the right hand that moves backwards. The major advantage of this takeaway is that it helps your arm to rotate so that you can handle the club firmly. You should make sure that you use big muscles like the shoulder when you are executing this particular takeaway.   

Golf basics

Check Points for the Right Swing Takeaway

While you are working on your takeaway, there are basic checkpoints that you should follow to make sure you are in the right position. 

  • Still head: Your head is in the same position.
  • Club over hands: The club covers the hands.
  • Dominant palm: The right hand is facing outward and the face of the club is square.

You should practice the takeaway to improve the impact of your shot on the ball. It is also crucial that you avoid over-rotation of your hands in the takeaway. This can affect the impact of the shot. You must also learn to correct the wrist action so that the ball does not miss the path. The other danger of unstable wrist action is that the whole swing can be thrown off balance. Do not bring the golf club too far outside or inside the target line. 

The bottom line is that your success in your golf journey depends on how well you understand the golf swing basics. You can rest assured that once you have that down, the rest of your golfing journey will be much smoother. Beginners can go through a step-by-step learning process so they can understand the essence of the golf swing sequence. The whole sequence is designed to determine the impact of your shot, which forms the basis of the game. Above all, the constant practice of the swings helps improve your skills.