Home Entertainment The most dangerous S3X position than can BREAK his Bedroom Anaconda!

The most dangerous S3X position than can BREAK his Bedroom Anaconda!

Before you plan to get W!LD in bed, first spare a thought for his organ because a few of the most pleasurable s#x positions come with the risk of PEN!LE fracture, and we bet you did not know about these.

Broken Organ

According to a research by International Journal of Impotence Research, most of the penile fractures are caused during s#x. The researchers surveyed 90 patients within the age group of 18 to 66 years who had PEN!LE fractures. And out of them, 77 percent of these cases were s#xual-trauma related.

Shockingly, 41 percent men fractured their Bedroom Anacondas during dogggie style.

The participants also also admitted that they got hurt during missionary and woman.on-top.

Experts say that such fractures occur when men put too much pressure on their organ. Dogggie-style tops the list of being riskiest because the PEN!S may slip out of the VAG!NA during the act and hit against her per!neum.

Do you actually need a sign? The pain should be enough to make you run for your life! However, first you will hear a popping sound and the PEN!S will go limp. We don’t need to explain the pain that follows.


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