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Telkom to give customers 1GB data after service disruption

Telkom is currently investigating a substantial service disruption that impacted its internet and phone call services on Monday. The network has since been restored, and as a gesture of apology for the inconvenience caused, Telkom is offering its customers a complimentary 1GB data token.

On Monday afternoon, starting from 13:40, a surge in reports regarding network issues flooded Telkom’s radar via the Downdetector platform.

During the peak of the disruption, Telkom received over 8,000 reports of network outages. Of these reports, 40% pertained to internet connectivity issues, 36% were related to phone service problems, and 24% indicated a complete blackout of services.

Responding to a user complaint on the social media platform X at 14:40, Telkom issued an apology for the interruption and assured customers that their network team was actively investigating the matter.

In a subsequent statement provided this afternoon, Telkom confirmed the resolution of the outage.

“The network has been restored, although certain areas are still undergoing synchronization. We anticipate the entire network to be fully operational within an hour. Our technical teams are diligently investigating the root cause of the outage,” stated Telkom.

As a goodwill gesture following the disruption, Telkom is offering its customers a 1GB data token, valid for two days.


While there is an increased volume of outage reports across various networks and platforms such as Vodacom and MTN, Telkom has experienced the most substantial impact.

While the cause of the outage remains unconfirmed by Telkom, it’s worth noting that a significant outage occurred across multiple internet service providers on May 12, following reports of faults in two subsea cables on the east coast of the continent. The extent of damage to these cables is yet to be determined.