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#TBT pictures of Mzansi’s most handsome Male celebs


South Africa is blessed with some really good-looking celebrities and the good news for the ambitious few among you is that a fair number of them are handsome, too!

They know how to dress Smart and always look handsome, whether its work or just chilling with their buddies. So today this is our list of handsome male celebrities and how handsome they look.


Jonathan Boynton-Lee

The Top Billing presenter is one of those people who’ve actually received gongs being recognised and thanked for always keeping his thread game clean. While one would swear that dressing well for the dudes is a prerequisite to become a presenter on the lux television show, Jon really kills the debonair look. Go and peep his Gram for some inspo


Kay Sibiya

Kay Sibiya shot to fame starring on SABC 1’s ratings crasher – uZalo. He has now also come to be celebrated for other things – in particular his fashion and smashing bod. We choose not to objectify him today, so our crush really is on his style. Impeccable, clean and s-e-xy.


Zakes Bantwini

You’ve never quite seen Zakes Bantwini looking average, have you? The singer loves fashion, and clearly takes it quite seriously as part of his artistic expression. He mostly loves vintage suits.


Maps Maponyane

Maps is gentleman, and he loves it that way. His brand is clean and suave, and he has been quite consistent in keeping things that way. This guy knows his way around suits.


Nay Maps

Another one from uZalo whose style is always worthy of a gasp. Nay Maps loves suits, trench coats, waist coasts, jackets and classic shoes. He knows what works for him, and never shies down from rocking it.

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