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Tbo Touch in trouble on Twitter about black pilot’s qualifications

Tbo Touch Durban July 2018

Touch HD owner Tbo Touch sparked a debate about black professionals after he tweeted what he thinks of when hears a black pilot on a flight.

Tbo Touch

Posting on Sunday, the now deleted tweet said: “When I board a flight and I hear the voice of a black pilot, tjerrr. I want to know where he graduated, how many years he has flown, is he sober or not, going through a divorce, does he owe anyone money or has he ever been to rehab. These are all the fruits of colonisation


However, reactions to his sentiments in the first tweet sent Twitter in full debate mode with DJ Fresh even replying to Touch’s tweet.

While the majority of tweets didn’t agree with Touch’s tweet, local entertainment commentator Phil Mphela was one of the few people who tried to explain what Touch was trying to say.

Opening his explanation with: “Tbo Touch has flaws like everyone. There are few things to call him out on but that tweet aint it.The outrage is just exposing these people who sit on here waiting to be offended or outraged. “these are the fruits of colonization” that line gives you the gist of his twee


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