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Tanker Truck Accident Kills More than 24 People

Authorities in Nigeria say a gas tanker truck exploded Wednesday, killing at least 28 people, including school children and university students in the central state of Kogi.

Initial reports indicate the driver lost control of the truck carrying fuel when the brakes failed, causing the truck to overturn and explode, setting fire to multiple vehicles on the Lokoja-Zariagi highway. Tanker Truck Accident Kills More than Two Dozen People

President Muhammadu Buhari suggested in a statement that police and transport agencies need to be more serious in enforcing safety standards, saying, “Nigeria is not having a shortage of laws and regulations, but the problem is a lack of zeal to enforce those laws and regulations for the sake of public safety.”

Buhari did not speak directly to concerns that road accidents are common in Nigeria  because roads are not well maintained.

The Daily Post said 25 people died in another crash on the same of Lokoja-Zariagi highway last year.

Source: Voa

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