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Food giant McDonalds grilled for their #InternationalWomensDay symbol


With their iconic “M” being one of the more recognisable symbols across the world, McDonalds decided to flip it upside down to a “W” which, according to them, stands for “women”. This of course raised a few questions, most notably, “has the ‘M’ stood for ‘men’ all along?”

In recognition of International Women’s day, fast good giant, McDonald’s decided to make a special gesture for the occasion… and it simply did not go as planned.


What might have been a well-meaning gesture lead to many questioning the fast-food chain’s priorities, even going as far as accusing them of doing the bare minimum.


The timing of the campaign might not have been ideal also, especially since McDonalds was recently shrouded in controversy after staff in one of their outlets in South Carolina were filmed kicking out a homeless man, accusing him of trespassing – even though he was a paying customer.

Here are some of the tweets about the symbol:

Of course, some just decided to take the mickey… or is it the Wickey?

It might have been a well thought out PR campaign but, judging from the online reaction, it didn’t quite get the desired result.

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Source: The South African