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Swazi princess gives chief cold shoulder: As she refuses arranged marriage

Although Mpumalanga chief and chairman of the House of Traditional Leaders Sandile Ngomane says talks are going on between the Swazi kingdom and Hhoyi chieftaincy for him to marry Mswati II’s first born, S’khanyiso Dlamini, the Swazi princess has given the chief the cold shoulder.

“No she is not here today. It’s hard to get the king’s daughter to visit you. We are still talking to her, we have done the work of showing love and shown how the Ngomane love her, but you must know that a real lady who is to be a good wife cannot easily fall for you, even two years can pass, but let it be known that as the Nkomazi, we are ready to wait, we are not in a hurry,” said Ngomane.


Ngomane, who is Hhoyi II under the Hhoyi tribal authority near Mbuzini, said he loved the princess and wanted to have her as his wife. But he’s ready to wait because it’s “hard to have the hand of a king’s daughter”.

According to media reports last month, Ngomane expressed interest in the princess, who is already dating Mzwakhe Phiri, 30, from Pigg’s Peak and owner of Dunkylaine basketball academy in Mbabane, Swaziland.

Phiri is said to be seeking 50 cows to start lobola negotiations, which might eventually escalate to about 300 cows.

When asked if she would like to be a Ngomane, the princess said in two lines: “I love my boyfriend (Phiri) very much no matter what, thanks. Basketball player or not, I love him.”


According to sources, S’khanyiso is expected to get married to a “wealthy man” as soon as possible because her younger sister has fallen in love with a rich man believed to be from an Arab country who is ready to marry her.

Chief Ngomane is already married to another woman.

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