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Sugar Mamma Town Planner and Ben 10 involved in !llicit Land Deals

Harare – Everyone deserves a chance to own a home in Zimbabwe be it in town or in the rural areas. But from what we have seen others seem to have an advantage and others don’t. The evidence we gathered says if you know this Council Sugar Mamma then you will own land in no time… No waiting list nothing just a golden ticket to land ownership in Harare.

A while ago I read a post on Zimeye about a woman who is working as a principal town planner at Cleveland. I read how the woman and her Ben 10 secure and sell council land for their benefit. So I decided to dig a little deeper.

Our efforts were very fruitful as we came across voice recordings that are calls between the Principal Town Planner Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha and Kudzai Elton Mawondo. The two are believed to be lovers despite the age difference, but then who are we to judge.

45-year-old Mugocha and her 33-year-old boyfriend Mawondo are accomplices in these land deals. The evidence we have suggests that Mawondo gets clients who want either residential or commercial land then he links these clients to the Principal Sugar Mamma, sorry Town Planner.

Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha
Principal Town Planner Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha

These two facilitate the sale of the land without the need for a waiting list (if it’s residential land). The whole procedure for commercial land where it’s flighted in a newspaper as a tender and people bid for it is bypassed if you know these two.

Doesn’t it also rig of nepotism if one stays with a lover or are s-exual with them then they process their papers of any application already made by the other lover? What exactly do city laws say about persons of interest?

One of the recordings we have exposes how Mawondo and Mugocha were helping out Kuziva Mamvura of Nengoma Trucking to secure a piece of land. The two lovebirds are heard on the call planning how they will charge Mamvura an extra $1000usd for their benefit.

Will the City Council work on this tip-off or we need to share more recordings? More Recordings to follow…

Source – Mbare Times

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