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Over half a million South Africans register to vote on Day 2

More than half a million South Africans registered to vote at various polling stations across the country on the second day of voter registration. In a statement, the IEC says that Sunday’s voter registration got off to a smooth start with 34 293 online registrations recorded.

By the close of business on Saturday, more than half a million registrations were recorded at 23 303 voting stations, while 67 200 online registration transactions were also recorded.

South Africans are reminded that they can still register to vote online or at their local IEC offices in person until President Cyril Ramaphosa proclaims the date of the elections.

IEC Chairperson Mosotho Moepya has urged South Africans who want to vote in this year’s elections to continue to register at the Commission’s offices or on its online platform.

Moepya says all is not lost for those who did not succeed in doing so this weekend, saying there is still time until the President announces the date of elections, signalling the close of the voter’s roll.Thousands of South Africans took advantage of the national registration weekend to register to vote for the upcoming polls and check their registration details.

“It will no longer be possible to register once the President has proclaimed. And my good tea to all South Africans is that we can see that elections are just on the horizon. We can expect that the President will proclaim soon and let us do so, let us not wait for that last day to do it. Let us do it on time and be served well.”

Moepya has thanked South Africans who visited polling stations across the country to register and check their registration details ahead of the 2024 elections.

The IEC says it will release the consolidated numbers of the registration weekend by Tuesday. Moepya says that 99% of voting stations opened on time, but claims there were minor problems in some communities.

“I believe there were 6 of them in total communities that were protesting and in those areas, our stations remained open although intermittently we want to say to South Africans if you want to express your grievances by all means our constitution permits that but it does have an impact on others if they are stopped intentionally by those that have one desire and want to stop others that have a different desire and that is really what we have seen by and large in the country today people were able to register by and large and we are grateful for it.

Source: eNCA

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