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South Africa could have shortage of maize

shortage of maize

South Africa could have a scarcity of maize because of a diesel shortage. Local fuel producers say there’s been a sharp increase in demand after months of lockdown and it’s caught them by surprise.

John Purchase, the CEO of the Agricultural Business Chamber, expressed his scepticism that the increase in demand is unexpected.

Purchase said fuel producers have said a vandalised pipeline and the sudden closing of refineries during the national lockdown.

shortage of maize



He stated that while there is a record-setting harvest in the fields, there is a major problem in obtaining enough fuel to transport the product to silos, mills, exports, and distributors.

Purchase called for an inquiry by the Department of Mineral Resources particularly into rations of diesel supplies to farmers

The CEO speculated that companies are holding back on diesel supplies until price increases take effect in order to make a profit.

Purchase said the situation will lead to economic loss and food insecurity.

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