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Sonia catches Matthew Booth breaking into her Car – Video

Sonia Booth catches hubby red-handed AGAIN… Matthew Booth has been exposed again, this time for breaking into his wife’s car after tracking her and following her around… The angry wife shared a video showing Matthew Booth in a rush disappearing from the camera after he was caught red-handed.

Sonia shared the below video and this is what she said – Me being tracked, my car searched using a spare key…unfortunately for him I stepped out the gym as he was busy searching 🕯🙏🏾 10 seconds later he steps out the gym for a “talk”, too late. Done with the lies.

Apparently, Matthew Booth used a spare key to access Sonia’s Audi, she said things were moved from her car and her handbag was searched. She is not sure what was taken but she definitely caught him in the act and somewhat disturbed him. The Booth Scandal continues… Earlier Matthew Booth shared a press statement responding to the Cheating allegations…

Matthew Booth Cheating
@royal_haskoningdhv @virginactivesa @discovery_sa I believe you collaborated with bonganimoller @matthewboothza and the @safootylegends for these training sessions. I wonder why other founders of the NPC weren’t involved. Me thinks u were simply used by bonganimoller to get free personal training sessions. Boy of boy, the amount of time she spends with her legend begs the question, WHEN DOES SHE ACTUALLY WORK? This question is directed at you @royal_haskoningdhv @virginactivesa and @discovery_sa being tagged on such posts and aligning yourself with such does not align with your ethos of vitality, physical and mental well-being

Sonia didn’t waste any time as she herself took it upon herself to respond to the response by Mathew Booth… She shared a picture of the press statement and made a statement of her own… She said – Dear Legend
Your legal fees + my legal fees paid by You and I. The lawyers win BIG TIME, the elephants AND the grass lose major-ly. Finish off what’s left of the boys educational funds, in the middle of their exams…
Talk about using actual cash to start the fire instead of newspapers or Sales House//Ellerines/Ok Bazaar catagues. Best Umfazi we phepha! (No pun intended)

I wonder what’s next as the story escalates… It was the car today at the Virgin Active gym parking lot… let’s just hope the scandal won’t turn violent!

Source – eKasi News Online – Instagram

In More News – Zanele Sifuba s-e-x tape – Watch

Mzansi is definitely the Mjolo centre of Southern Africa… Yesterday it was the Booth Scandal and today its the Zanele Sifuba’s S-e-x tape that is taking over Mzansi and I am sure the rest of Africa.

For an old MaGogo Zanele is certainly a woman in heat and she was on a mission to get that 4-5 going. We got a chance to view the viral video and I have to say ANC is very blessed to have Zanele Sifuba!

Zanele Sifuba

The ANC Women’s League has condemned the wide circulation of an explicitly graphic video depicting a woman purported to be a Speaker of the Free State Legislature Ntombizanele “Zanele” Beauty Sifuba. Watch Video