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This is why the smell of Wine can make you h0rny

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They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. They also say a glass of wine will keep your heart healthy.

While we all know the health benefits that come with consuming wine responsibly, we also know about the symbiotic relationship wine and s.e.x share.

But according to recent research, the smell of the grape-made beverage can turn you on.

Several studies have been conducted over the past 10 years, attempting to identify what smells activated the s.e.x drives in both men and women.

Recently and oddly enough, it has been discovered that wine has an aroma that turns people on.

Here is the science behind it.

Ethanol stimulates a primitive part of your brain called the hypothalamus, located right above your brain stem.

This portion of the brain regulates basic human functions including body temperature, hunger, hormone levels, parental attachment behaviour and, of course, your s.e.x drive.

According to scientists, wine is an aphrodisiac – a food or drug that arouses s.e.xual instinct, brings on desire and increases s.e.xual pleasure or performance.

Now, wake up and smell the winery s.e.xual excitement.

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