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Skeem Saam’s “Charity Ramabu” warns the youth – “Its not all glitz and glamour in this industry”

With an entertainment career that spans over 2 decades and a bright future in business it’s not surprising that Makgofe knows all the tricks and treats of the entertainment industry.


The actress who is currently enjoying her role as Charity on Skeem Saam has expressed that young people should be really cautious about entering the entertainment industry as it is filled with people who are only looking for their best interests at heart and people who are just looking to manipulate the young and naive.

Speaking to ZAlebs Makgofe mentioned that the main reason she’s been able to last for so long in the industry without falling prey to the predators of the entertainment industry is through God.

Makgofe Moagi

“My spirituality really helped me, I had to find a bigger, a higher power, this industry can be very fickle and you come across individuals that are just too self-serving, too cruel. That is why when I do my motivational talks I encourage young people not to even..you know..yes the industry is nice and glamorous but there is a lot of stuff that they don’t know that we also don’t talk about. So young people must focus on something else and if they decide to come into the industry they must make sure that they have their structures in place.

No one must take advantage of you knowing that you are desperate, no one must manipulate you just because you are lacking something or that you’re desperate enough to sell your soul to be on TV just for fame. What is fame? For me, it bothers me that our kids want to be in a space where there is so much opportunity for evil, they’re looking at the fame and there’s not even much money.  There’s not even much money when you’re in front of the camera unless you have a good team behind you who are working towards propelling you to your fullest potential.


Makgofe ended off by encouraging youngsters to not try to duplicate the stars that are currently big but to always be themselves and keep a strong head on their shoulders especially in such a industry.