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Twitter asked mama to send a signal for Harriet #TheQueenMzansi: MEMES

It looks like hell hath no fury like a lioness protecting its cub and we are so here for Harriet Khoza’s Chuck Norris vibes!

After weeks of watching an abusive storyline build up in The Queen where Tebogo was continuously abusing Kea Khoza, it seems there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. The abusive storyline has seen the popular telenovela trend daily and sparks heated debates.

Harriet Khoza

When Kea’s mother finally realised the kind of man Tebogo is and sprung into superhero mode, Twitter was cheering so much, you could feel the vibrations.

It took some time for Harriet to see the light, whereas since Twitter realised that Kea was waltzing into an abusive relationship, they have been asking for mama to send a signal.

Now, after weeks of asking ‘mama’ to give Kea the signal to leave Tebogo, mama heard tweeps and gave the signal to Harriet. Harriet is now on to Tebogo and his abusive tendencies and the tension is a lot.






Source: Timeslive