48 year old Masinga Khoza regrets that terrible time two years ago when he cheated on his wife.

Not only has the nyatsi disappeared, but his wife has dumped him, and his bedroom anaconda has died.

“I got rid of my nyatsi because she was demanding a lot of money and disrespecting my wife and then my 4-5 stopped working,” said Masinga, who lives in Batho, Mangaung in the Free State.

“Now my wife of five years has dumped me because I can’t satisfy her. I was a happily married before, but I am being punished for being unfaithful.”

Masinga Khoza
Masinga Khoza with his 4-5 Dead

He said he wanted to change and be a better husband to his wife but now he is a failure in bed. “I know I have wronged her but instead of supporting me she has decided to leave me.”

Masinga said he went to many doctors but they couldn’t help him.

He said a sangoma told him his 4-5 was cursed by the nyatsi and he must find the woman and apologise to her. But he doesn’t know where she is.

Bulelwa Khoza (35), Masinga’s unforgiving wife, said: “Our marriage died the day my husband’s 4-5 died. I can’t stay in a marriage for two years without s.e.x.”


She said it’s not her problem.

“He went out to cheat. He must suffer the consequences.”

Sangoma Ndabazomoya Sotshononda said: “That woman is using a very strong muthi for revenge.”

Masinga was told to find the nyatsi and apologise…

Source: Daily Sun