See who is against you spiritually – #BrownVinegarAndSaltTestimony – Ambitouz Ent saw Mabala Noise

People participated in the yesterday’s brown vinegar and salt testimony. The people were told to put brown vinegar and salt under their beds so that they supposedly see who is against them spiritually. Today, people went on to testify as to what happened when they did what they were supposedly told to do. Ambitiouz Entertainment joined the people in testifying what happened when they used the brown vinegar and salt method.

The recording label jokingly says that they saw a fellow recording label in their dreams. “We saw Mabala Noise in our dreams,” says Ambitiouz Entertainment. Tweeps reacted to the tweet by the recording label. Mabala Noise also responded to the shade by the recording label. “…You lot don’t fear death?? Who is going to defend you guys now that [Sjava] took all of his spiritual power with him when he left? Next time you won’t wake up we swear,” says Mabala Noise on Twitter. Some tweeps shaded the record label for the way they allegedly treated their former artists.

Ambitious Ent

One tweep says, “Put more salt until you see yourself.”

Another was wondering, “So all the shareholders of this record label slept in one bed last night…”

People from all walks of like who felt they had scores to settle with those attacking them in the spiritual realm tried it out. It is said though that if you are not strong spiritually you might fail to wake up from your sleep.

Here are some of the testimonies from the #BrownVinegarAndSaltTestimony. Many of them were just hilarious.