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Twitter impressed by Skolopad’s singing: Memes

Skolopad is not known for her singing so it can be understood why some might have been dreading what was about to come out of her mouth just as she was preparing to give the rendition.

Controversial musician and dancer Skolopad wowed a lot of fans on social with her rendition of a gospel song.


However, even her toughest critics would have had a difficult time trying to find anything bad to say about her vocal skills.Queen Skolopad

Instead of the criticisms she normally gets from social media, this time she got a lot of positive feedback.


Some fans even urged her to consider a career as a Gospel singer, which would mean she would have to ditch the name Skolopad because it does not suit the genre and use her birth name Nonhlanhla.


Surprisingly, she was open to the idea saying “I’ll do that if I get a record deal”.

So, we can’t wait to see her taking the gospel scene by storm should anyone give her that record deal.

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Source: Daily Sun