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School Transport Taxi caught carrying 58 kids instead of 14 – Shocking Video

School Transport caught carrying 58 kids

Traffic authorities are urging parents to ensure their children are transported to school safely after a video emerged social media showing 58 children squeezed in a mini-bus taxi.

The Limpopo Department of Transport and Community Safety’s Joel Seabi confirmed that a taxi transporting 58 children was pulled over near Bela-Bela in Limpopo. The taxi that is supposed to carry 14 people was carrying 58 school kids. The driver was charged with overloading and the vehicle impounded.

“We do have a process where people apply to the department to have operating licenses to transport learners in the scholar transport category,” says Seabi, but he urges parental involvement with their kids’ transport.

“It is important to call on parents to ensure that vehicles that are utilised in transporting their own children to school are actually compliant with the laws of the republic and to ensure their kids are not just packed in some vehicle, overloaded, and their lives put at risk,” says Seabi.

Seabi adds that applicants have to go through a formal process to qualify to transport pupils to school under the scholar transport programme and that associations are formed in certain areas to coordinate transport services.

“We also call on such associations to work with us to ensure that whoever is operating in that space is compliant.” Watch the shocking video below…

Source – JacarandaFM

In Other News – 3 Foreign Nationals caught with R1 Million worth of Stolen Cellphones and Tower Batteries

A Zimbabwean gang of thieves in South Africa were busted with 207 stolen cellphones and much more. 3 Zimbabwean men have been apprehended by the South African police after being caught in possession of stolen cellphones and cell tower batteries. In a statement shared by the South Africa Police Services (SAPS), the suspects were headed to Zimbabwe when they were busted.

The Statement Read: An intelligence-driven operation that was conducted on Monday, 20 January 2020 at about 15:30 by members attached to the Port of Entry, Westenburg Crime Intelligence unit and a Tracker company, led to the apprehension of three suspects aged between 28 and 35 for being in possession of suspected stolen property.

It is reported that police received information about a Toyota Quantum with a trailer carrying six occupants that were travelling from the Eastern Cape Province to Zimbabwe. The vehicle was spotted along the R101 road at Shell garage while refuelling and was taken to the nearby Weigh Bridge to be searched. continue reading