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Riky Rick apologises again to the fake sneaker kid: Twitter ask questions

It appears that the Balenciaga incident is still haunting Riky Rick who took to Twitter to apologise once more for mocking a kid for ‘fake’ sneakers.

Riky rick took to social media to apologise and explain that he never meant any harm to the Mbulelo Mtselu and they have been in communication since the incident.Riky Rick

This after the humiliated Mtselu revealed to IOL that the incident had “deeply” embarrassed him and led to his girlfriend of 11 months ending their relationship.

He also blamed the media for “blowing”  the whole thing out of proportion.

Riky got tongues wagging last month after a video of him mocking the 17-year-old started doing the rounds on social media.

In the video, Riky is seen questioning the young man about his fake Balenciaga shoes. The rest of the crew burst into laughter as Riky asked for a plastic bag to throw the shoes away.

Doubting the sincerity of the apology, Twitter asked if Riky’s apology was inspired by the EP he was set to drop.

While his fans accepted the apology, others were still skeptical.


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