Rich Mnisi launches the most expensive luxury designer mask in South Africa

Face masks have become mandatory, an essential part of our daily lives. We never leave home without it.

Because we have to always wear one, they have become an accessory to our outfits – an essential accessory.

Since cloth masks were introduced, we’ve seen the most amazing and creative designs, making it easy for the dedicated fashionista to have a mask for every outfit.

Local designers have come on board and designed their own signature masks. Some designers charge as little R35, while the high-end luxury designer masks carry a more hefty price tag.

Rich Mnisi recently unveiled his collection of luxury fashion masks called “Alkebulan”. A limited edition five of face mask designs; The Swarovski Crystals Cherry Leopard, The Prayer, Colliding Zebras, Rich Leopard and Just Another face mask.

But it’s the Swarovski Crystals Cherry Leopard mask that has caught our attention – not only because of its exquisite design but because of its price.

Azania face mask

The crystal studded mask carries a price tag of R2 000, making it the most expensive luxury designer mask in South Africa. The other masks in the collection range from R400 to R500.

most expensive face mask

The price of this designer mask tops those of other luxury designers like Gert-Johan Coetzee and Maxhosa.


Gert-Johan Coetzee’s most expensive mask is his “The Pride Mask” which retails for R950.

maxhosa mask 1

While Maxhosa’s masks are all R600.


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