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Reports say live ammunition fired at protesters #Westbury: Pics & Vids

Westbury Protests

Protest action in Westbury has now turned violent, with News24 reporting on Twitter that live ammunition was fired from the car of an unknown male, who later fled the scene. Residents have also been injured after police fired rubber bullets.

The live bullet cases after a driver took out his gun and fired a few rounds in the air in #Westbury on Friday. He fled the scene. #WestburyShutdown (@iavanpijoos)

Westbury Protests

Earlier, EWN reported that a suspected thief allegedly broke into a car parked outside the Sophiatown SAPS, and stole a phone. Protesters wasted no time in throwing him inside the police station.

#Westbury While protesting outside the Sophiatown Saps, an alleged thief broke into a parked car nearby and reportedly stole a phone. Protesting residents quickly apprehended him and dumped him inside the police station. TH


It has also been reported that police are firing rubber bullets in an attempt to disperse the crowds. Residents who have been injured are being treated inside the Sophiatown police station.

Protest action was sparked by the shooting death of a young mother in Steytler street, Newclare.

MMC for public safety Michael Sun sent the city of Joburg’s condolences to the slain mother and wishes the 10-year-child injured in the shooting a speedy recovery.

The statement read: “This senseless killing of an innocent mother and the wounding of her child by gang members calls for serious intervention. The unabated loss of lives without justice for the families and loved ones of victims cannot and will not be tolerated.”

300 JMPD officers were deployed to Westbury on Thursday night after the shooting to quell tensions in the area.

Community members are continuing to block roads in Westbury. As a result, Westbury, Sophiatown, Westdene, and surrounding areas have all been affected, and motorists are advised to avoid these areas.

Source: The Citizen



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