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11-year-old girl raped at tennis court


A girl was heading to a nearby spaza shop accompanying group friends.

But she never reached the shop with her three friends, as an unknown man came and convinced her to accompany him to fetch his money from a person in the area, and promised her that he’ll give some cash.

It’s alleged that the girl (11) agreed after hearing that the man will give her some money, but little did she know that he had other intentions. He took her to a tennis court where there was nobody and allegedly raped her.

The girl from Moutview, north of Durban, was allegedly raped by a man who was dark in complexion, dressed in a white T-shirt and black trousers on Sunday.

The Reaction Unit South Africa spokesman, Prem Balram, said their members from Verulam Operations Centre got a call from a resident requesting assistance after he noticed a man walking with a child towards the tennis court.

“The caller said she found it odd that the child was being led to an isolated area and contacted our unit for assistance,” he said.

He said the unit officers went to the location and searched for the child. But they were later told that the family and residents organized a search party and they found the child on the R102 road.

“The girl was then taken back to her residence. The unit medics proceeded to the home and on arrival met the girl who explained that while walking to a tuck shop with friends, she was accosted by a man who was dark in complexion, dressed in a white T-shirt and black trousers,” he said.

He said he convinced her to leave the group and that he needed her assistance in collecting R800 owed to him.

“The girl proceeded with the man to the tennis court where he attempted to strangle her before raping her. Her family launched a search party and located her along the R102,” he said.

He said the child was transported to the Verulam Police Station. Reaction officers are currently searching for the suspect,” he said.

The girl’s relative said the victim didn’t know the man.

She said he promised her that he’d give her money and she trusted him.

“She is still in shock and hasn’t explained how the man raped her. We’ll give her time to heal. We are also not comfortable talking to the media about this,” said the relative.

KZN spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed the incident.

“A case of rape was opened at Verulam Police Station for investigation,” said Gwala.

-Daily Sun

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